172nd Logistics Division

Division Command

172nd Commanding Officer - Admiral Valspara

172nd Executive Officer - Commodore (Vacant)

172nd Fleet Captain - Fleet Captain the_mike_c

*Contact Admiralty for more information.  

Division Outline

The 172nd Logistics Wing is the primary source of income for ISTD.

The CLG (Commander of Logistics Group) will be responsible for assigning sub-commanders and personnel to accomplish critical mission up time required to maintain and supply ISTD as if we are at constant wartime status. The CLG is responsible for outside contract negotiations and must coordinate approval from required commanders of divisions impacted before final contract approval. Additionally, the CLG is responsible for calculating the total cost and risk of all Contracts to ISTD when negotiating the terms (This duty will be handed off to our Diplomatic Ambassador Corp when the Corporation supports having that group created). During peace operations, the Logistics Wing is under the command of its Wing Commander. During times of War command will revert to the Combat Commander.  


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