Membership Agreement

Purpose: To establish a unified agreement for all members upon enrollment in Organization membership. This agreement will outline the rights and expectations of all members. This document will be broken into the basic member agreement for all members as well as an additional agreement for members who enter the ISTD Officer program.

Basic Membership Agreement:

ISTD Charter (Basic Membership Rules) -

Discord -

All members must join the Discord server upon application and acceptance to the Organization. This is to facilitate the easiest fleet wide communications for any purpose. Any member found to be out of compliance within 30 days of application will be removed from the Org.

All members are expected to be in their appropriate voice channel during Official Operations, additionally Officers in Operational Leadership positions are required to have a functioning microphone.

Members are to follow the basic rules section in regards to the type of chats and conversations used on ISTD Servers. (I.E. Be a decent human being.)

Members are to follow the guidelines for what is deemed as necessary levels of information to convey within a voice channel during a Fleet Operation. During times of high stress and operational readiness the voice channel must be kept clear so that communication can be directed from leadership and understood by all members.

Members are expected to keep conversations relevant to the Operational channel they are in. Random conversations are to be kept to the social channels.

Spectrum -

Members are to follow the basic rules section in regards to the type of chats and conversations used on Spectrum. (I.E. Be a decent human being.)

When speaking on public Spectrum channels on behalf of ISTD that are viewable to outside members of the greater Star Citizen community ISTD members are expected to behave in a professional manner that is representative of the values that ISTD stands for.

Members who wish to contribute an official Operational Training Document must submit it through their Divisional Training Officer. Your DTO will provide you with the work instructions for creating documents in the Fleet's recognized uniform document system.

Officer Membership Agreement:

 Officers are trusted members of the Organization and are expected to uphold all basic membership agreement rules and set a proper example for all junior members.

 Officers in command of an Operational unit are entrusted with command and organizational responsibilities for the members assigned under them.

 Officers at every level are expected to be a mentor to all junior members, understanding that at times during Fleet Operations the needs of the Fleet supersede the need to accommodate a junior untrained member.

 Officers are not to abuse their power. Each position has a clearly defined amount of authority and should not be exceeded unless required for Operational Efficiency and will follow the posted Order of Command for each Division.

 Officers who are determined by their Divisional Commander to not be fulfilling the duties that they have agreed to fill will be subject to either Review, Counseling, or Replacement. Being an Officer for the sake of wanting a rank is not in itself enough to fill a position, we require dedicated personnel. Members who do not feel they can put in a reasonable amount of effort for their level of position should not be asked to fill an available commission.

 Officers below the Divisional level may not create policies for their sub-unit. All Organization Policy is dictated at the High Command level for fleet-wide Regulations or at the Divisional Command level for Division Regulations.

 Officers are expected to have close ties and create communication channels with their peers from all Divisions for easier cross-unit cooperation.

 Officers must report their level of compliance for the members under their command for the weekly Roster check.

 Officers serve at the pleasure of Divisional Command and Fleet High Command.

This document is subject to review and update by Fleet High Command at any time. Changes to the Fleet Regulations will be announced.

REVISION: 10052301