Founded in 2781 by veterans of the UEE Military after the Imperator decreed that the military would supplement its fleet power via PMCs from its massive budget to aid in the ever-increasing hostility and inevitable war with Xi’An.

The 2789 Peace Accords forced ISTD to rethink its strategy and the company expanded into commercial operations, taking contracts for escort, prospecting, defense, infiltration, and open war to those who could afford it.

Current-day ISTD is organized and run similarly to the UEE Navy with employees being contracted as well as soldiers and sailors fighting on the right side of the law for whomever needs assistance.


With our robust commercial and escort fleet, we offer a strong protection force that can be hired for any legal job at the right price. Our highly skilled pilots manning one of our various ships with precision gunners and experienced support crews will ensure you get to your location unscathed. If you have a job you just can’t seem to manage on your own, ISTD will gladly escort you.

Finally, if you have a request for an extralegal job, please send your proposals to one of our Commerce Officers and we will consider proposals on a case-by-case basis. Estimates for cost will then be negotiated and agreed upon by both parties before beginning the contract.

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