227th Marine Division

Division Command

227th Commanding Officer - Lieutenant General (Vacant)

227th Executive Officer- Colonel  Vacant

*Contact Admiralty for more information.  

Division Outline

Marines serve several functions which include but are not limited to: ship security, ship boarding, and ground assault.

 Marines are expected to follow orders from their Platoon Commander or Divisional Commander during official operations. Marines are expected to work together with their squad mates to create a hailstorm of fast and deadly accurate fire to secure their objectives. Marines are highly coordinated and members will be expected to hear voice chat if not also be able to respond. Marines receive free transport on all ISTD ships based on the scheduled availability of non-critical pilots.

The Commander of the MEF will be expected to coordinate training activities with their platoon commanders and relay readiness, logistics requests, and troop compositions to the Fleet Admiral. During peace operations, the Logistics wing is under the command of its Wing Commander. During times of War command will revert to the Combat Commander.  

The SERE training program will be required by all Flight Status pilots every month and the Marine instructor will be expected to provide new content and strategies for the 227th Marine Division and most certainly our pilots. 

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