208th Strike Wing

Division Command

208th Commanding Officer - Vice Admiral (Vacant)

208th Executive Officer - Commodore DaPyRo

208th CAG - Fleet Captain  Ti56

*Contact Admiralty for more information.  

Division Outline

The primary fighting force of ISTD is the 208th Strike Wing (Black Lancers). In normal operations, this wing provides escort services to our commercial and critical military contract ships. However, during wartime, all ships will be strictly regulated and equipped according to mission parameters. To join the 208th Strike Wing, all members are required to be able to hear and respond to voice chat. Cross training is conducted regularly with both your chosen wingman and every other pilot in the unit to ensure familiarity with unified flying styles, tactics, and formation patterns. As the unit expands, Squadrons will be added and members can join based on their primary ship and familiarity with it. Squadron Commanders are responsible for training pilots under their command and coordinating all activities with the CAG. The CAG oversees the entire division and coordinates specific training requirements for squadrons, as well as unit-wide training. The progress, training, and logistics needs and requests of the division are reported to the Fleet Admiral by the CAG.

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